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Grammar, 8.1, page 140

Exercise 1

1 was sleeping 

2 couldn't find 

3 would help

4 hadn't thought 

5 had never been 

6 might be 

7 was going 

8 had arrived


Exercise 2

1 told

2 said

3 told

4 said

5 say


7 said

8 said


Exercise 3

1 Tom said to Ryan (that) he would call him the following day. 

2 Geoff told Gerard (that) they had gone to Paris the month before. 

3 Julia said to Miranda (that) she couldn't come to her house that day.

4 Quentin told Leah (that) he had texted Joanna an hour earlier. 

5 Emma said to Amy (that) they were all going out that night. 

6 Maisie said to Sarah (that) she wanted her to be there at two o'clock that afternoon.


Grammar, 8.2, page 141

Exercise 1

1 why 

2 what 

3 if 

4 how 

5 if 

6 when 

7 if 

8 if


Exercise 2

1 'Why are you looking so sad?' I asked my brother.

2 'What's your best friend's name?' she asked.

3 'Is your favourite subject maths?' they asked her.

4 'How do you feel about your exam results?' I asked my friends. 

5 'Will the bus arrive early or late?' we asked the driver. 

6 'When's your birthday?' he asked me.

7 'Can you play the piano?' she asked him.

8 'Have you ever been to China?' I asked her.


Exercise 3

1 My sister asked me where her dictionary was.

2 I asked Anna what she had done that morning.

3 Lucy asked me if / whether I was going to Jake's party.

4 Adam asked his mother why she was laughing at him.

5 I asked my uncle if / whether he would be there all day.

6 My brother asked me who had told me about his idea.


Grammar, 8.3, page 141

Exercise 1

1 I gave my family some amazing presents this Christmas. 

2 I didn't tell anybody your secret.

3 We cooked my parents a special meal last night.

4 My mum made my brother a brilliant fancy dress costume. 

5 We sold our next-door neighbours our old car. 

6 Have you offered everybody in the class a sweet? 

7 Please can you pass Ben these books?

8 The estate agent found us a much bigger flat.

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