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UNIT 6. 6E, page 52

Exercise 1

1 a Sue congratulated me on getting such good grades in my exams.
2 e Kate begged me not to leave her there alone.
3 b The phone company threatened to disconnect my line if the bill wasn’t paid within seven days.
4 f Jack accused me of lying to him.
5 c Phoebe apologised for putting her foot in it the day before / yesterday.
6 d Daniel recommended taking the bus.
7 h Marcus warned me not to stroke the dog as he can be vicious.
8 g Liam claimed that he hadn’t taken / didn’t take my wallet on purpose.


Exercise 2

1 Nataliecomplimented James on his new hairstyle.
Nigelconfirmed his willingness to help fix Angela’s scooter.
Jamie enquired after Liz’s health.
4 Martinexpressed his apologies for breaking Mrs Jones’ car mirror.
Rachel declined Steve’s invitation to dinner.
6 Robin boasted about his running ability.


Exercise 3

1 callously
2 sympathetically
3 sarcastically
4 sharply
5 defiantly
6 resignedly

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