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UNIT 7. 7D, page 60, 61

Exercise 1

1 opportunity

2 possibility

3 borne

4 born

5 excessively

6 exceedingly

7 infer
8 imply
9 classic
10 classical
11 irrational
12 unreasonable


Exercise 2

1 Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET
2 1984
3 the Matrix series
4 The Invisible Man
5 Brave New World
6 The Thing from Another World

Exercise 3

1 T ... most of the societies that fiction presents us with are also frightening. But are these dangerous societies ...
2 F People were genuinely frightened about the implications of scientific discoveries falling into the hands of the wrong people ...
3 T ... predict the control of people by the state through the use of up-to-date technology
4 T Orwell’s grim futuristic novel was really a commentary on the terrible consequences of fascism and communism that swept
across Europe during the 1930s and 1940s.
5 F ... while they may not have always been as negative as the novelists ...
6 F ... they tended to portray peaceloving democratic societies under attack … the enemies depicted in these films were not human; they were aliens from outer space.
7 F They are both rare examples of science fiction offering images of a potentially better future.
8 T The enemy, if you can find it, could be in your city, your company, your home, your computer or it could even be ... in you!


Exercise 4

1 disquieting

2 consequence

3 articulated

4 omnipresent
5 grim
6 implacable

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