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UNIT 8. 8B, page 66

Exercise 1

1 into, phases, menu
2 tooth, gorge, crave
3 broaden, set
4 treat, touch, gross
5 fussy, fanatical


Exercise 2

1 I wouldn’t touch them!
2 I’d say I’m fairly ...
3 I’d prefer to avoid it ...
4 I would try them if I had to.


Exercise 3

1 My parents wouldn’t let me eat sweets till I was about five.
2 I would say (that) Luigi’s restaurant serves the best pizzas.
3 I’d rather not eat too late.
4 She would have been about fifteen when she learned to cook.
5 I wouldn’t want to eat fish every day.
6 When my mum was pregnant she would crave doughnuts.
7 I’d love to know how to make a perfect Thai curry.
8 I asked her why she became a vegetarian but she wouldn’t tell me.

Інші завдання дивись тут...