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UNIT 1. 1E, page 8

Exercise 1
1 go ahead
2 fall through
3 tip off
4 mistake for
5 come to
6 bring about
7 go down with
8 come up with

Exercise 2
1 bring about
2 fall through
3 tip off
4 come up with
5 go ahead
6 go down with
7 come to
8 mistake for

Exercise 3
1 Laura was offered a place at Manchester University but she turned it down.
2 Whilst some people are in favour of the monarchy, others think we should do away with it.
3 I keep meaning to sort out my photos but I never get round to it.
4 After my boyfriend broke off our relationship I bought some new clothes to cheer myself up.
5 My father was offered a job in New York but after thinking it over he decided not to go for it.

Exercise 4
1 let me down
2 been thrown away
3 brought up
4 to put up with
5 be looked after
6 drop me off
7 to lay off
8 turned up

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