Інші завдання дивись тут...

UNIT 2. 2F, page 17

Exercise 1

1 skipping

2 get

3 hanging

4 walked

5 kicked
6 kick
7 sleeping
8 hang


Exercise 2 Sample answers
1 they both show a person or people who are travelling
2 the first photo shows a man who is alone and the second photo shows a group of people
3 in the first picture, the man appears to have a lot of luggage and is in an airport setting, whereas in the other picture, the group are travelling without any luggage and are possibly in a train compartment


Exercise 3

The photos are similar in that they both show people who have just arrived as immigrants in a foreign country. The most obvious difference between the photos is that the first picture shows a man who is alone and the second shows a group of people who have travelled together. The man in the first picture is at what looks like an airport, so he may have travelled legally, whereas those in the second picture seem to have travelled in the back of a lorry, presumably illegally.


Exercise 4

Students’ own answers


Exercise 5
The man in the first photo seems to have a huge amount of luggage with him. I imagine he is planning to stay for a long time. He looks bewildered and rather disorientated. It must feel lonely and pretty overwhelming to go to a country where everything feels unfamiliar, including the language. He’s probably feeling anxious about finding a job and somewhere to live.
I guess he must be missing his family too. I wonder if he has emigrated because he wants to escape a political regime that he doesn’t agree with. Or he might be an economic migrant who has come here in search of a better standard of living.

Exercise 6

1 seems to

2 imagine

3 looks

4 must

5 probably
6 guess, must be
7 wonder
8 might

 Інші завдання дивись тут...