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UNIT 3. 3D, page 24-25

Exercise 1

1 plunge
2 count
3 conviction
4 exiled
5 reprimand
6 embraced
7 raid
8 outflank
9 escorted
10 detour


Exercise 2

1 through the Internet
2 via a crossword
3 it was completely successful


Exercise 3

1 T He considered giving chase, but there’s a fine line between blind love and stalking.

2 F ... then he waited ... for four torturous months
3 T Then a brainstorm: the Internet. / That night, he set up a website
4 T And in the back of Camille’s mind, a nagging thought: Who is this guy?
5 F ... but this was information overload. So Aric produced a ring and asked, ‘Will you marry me, Jennie?’
6 F We were uncertain how to act around each other
7 T ... along with a portrait of himself with this disclaimer pointed at his head: ‘Not insane.’
8 F ... had dated for four years and never seriously discussed marriage. Why mess up a good thing?
9 F … she was struck by the number of clues that matched up with people and places in her life


Exercise 4

1 exchange
2 take
3 pluck up
4 set up
5 have
6 assume


Exercise 5

1 (she) had second thoughts
2 plucked up the courage
3 took a deep breath
4 set up a website
5 exchanged glances
6 assume a / the pose


1 a lot of people rushed in
2 I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable
3 GMA saw a great love story and rushed to cover it
4 But suddenly receiving a lot of media attention
5 he told them about his idea. They accepted it immediately

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