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UNIT 4. Get... , page 37–38

EXAM TASK - Reading

1 D

2 B

3 A

4 C

5 B


EXAM TASK - Use of English

1 had

2 against
3 on

4 both

5 more

6 who
7 whose

8 been

9 interest

10 are


EXAM TASK - Listening


Host ... and our guest now is Max Perry, the managing director of a website that helps people make their dreams come true. Welcome to our programme, Max.
MP Hello everyone, glad to be here. But let me be clear on something – we help in the search for happiness, but we don’t make it happen. And we give no guarantees and take no responsibility for the outcome ...
Host Well, of course, all is fair in love and war ...
MP Speaking of which, let me tell you a story about both. There was this charming army officer who was sent overseas with his unit and claimed to be lonely and misunderstood. He got in touch with a woman via our site and seduced her with romantic messages. She was planning marriage when she found out that something was wrong with her Mr Right. Do you know what was wrong with him? Our Romeo had no fewer than 50 fiancées. I’m sorry to say he met every single one of them on our dating website and dated them via e-mail. But, you see, we cannot be held responsible for that...
Host Oh, sure you can’t! But 50?! And how did he get discovered? I mean, e-mails are private ...
MP In fact, one of these women did eventually hack into his e-mail account, stole his e-mails and circulated them among the rest. They were outraged! But actually, the scheme got exposed when one of his betrothed appeared on TV to talk about the pain and pride that soldiers’ spouses feel. Another bride-to-be watched the show, got suspicious, started investigating and
found the others. Now, you won’t believe this, but although none of them had actually met the guy, many had bought wedding dresses and were ready to march down the aisle! Others were buying pillows and dishes or preparing to sell their houses for him!
Host Wow! They were really ready to take a chance on this guy. They must have been pretty angry when they found out. So, did they sue him?
MP Oh yes! But guess what really got to them? It wasn’t that our Romeo had proposed to all of them. In fact, once it was over, most were baffled by their own behaviour. And then, listen to this, it turned out the guy was already married. But that still wasn’t it. In fact, the most infuriating thing was the fact that their ex-fiancé wasn’t as tall as he claimed to be. You see our dating service is for Tall Singles who want Tall Partners. And so these women believed what he had told them – that he was 190 cm tall. He is in fact about20 cm shorter.
Host That is one of the problems with Internet dating, isn’t it? You have to trust people, based on what they tell you.
MP Exactly. And our administration received hundreds of calls about it and of course we took this man off the site. But guys like him prey on the growing popularity of Internet dating services. And it is growing. Last year alone we aunched eleven such services helping people with particular preferences to find their perfect match. There is the ‘Green Singles’ and ‘Salt ’n’ Pepper’ for vegetarians and seniors respectively, and ‘Love Wheels’ for car lovers. It’s a great chance for those who still haven’t found their soulmate. But these sites can only work if the people are honest. And that we cannot guarantee ...
Host But there are some happy endings as well, right?
MP Oh yeah, dozens! For example, there was this lady ...


1 F

2 F

3 F

4 T

5 T

6 F
7 F

8 F

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