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UNIT 5. 5B, page 40

Exercise 1

1 F

2 T

3 F

Exercise 2
1 plague
2 friction between
3 vie for
4 loves, bits
5 into conflict
6 sibling


On the whole, I don’t argue too much with my older sister, Tilly. I think it’s got a lot to do with my temperament – I hate confrontation and avoid it like the plague. Having said that, there did use to be a little bit of friction between us.
When she was younger she begged and begged our mum for a baby sister to play with but when I came along she found it quite hard because she suddenly had to vie for our parents’ attention. To be quite frank, I think she wished I hadn’t been born! But she eventually got used to me being around and clearly loves me to bits now. She still has major rows with our parents sometimes, and I think the fact that I rarely get into conflict with them still makes her a little jealous of our relationship sometimes. But that’s sibling rivalry for you – it’s very hard to avoid!

Exercise 3

1 constructive

2 upsetting

3 destructive

4 endless

5 animated

6 heated

7 slammed
8 raised
9 Oddly
10 draining
11 disrespectful
12 strengthen


Exercise 4

1 It’s time for them to start being honest with each other.
2 It’s essential for you to stand your ground in an argument.
3 My parents are very keen for me to be a good role model for my brother.
4 It would be a miracle for them to manage a day without arguing.
5 It’s crucial for you to apologise for your rudeness.
6 It’d be better for me not to get into a row with Tamsin – she hates conflict.

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