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UNIT 9. 9Apage 75

Exercise 1


2 glean 

3 scandal 

4 reveal 

5 sealed 

6 soul

7 indiscreet

8 drop

9 rumour

10 wraps


1 eavesdrop


Exercise 2

1 juicy 

2 scandal 

3 strictest 

4 confidence 

5 breathe

6 further

7 soul

8 discretion

9 knowledge


Exercise 3

1 An ex-employee blew the whistle on FCOM’s illegal financial activities.

2 James clammed up when he realised everyone was listening.

3 The politician stonewalled when asked questions about the corruption scandal.

4 When the news broke that there wouldn’t be a pay rise, the unions organised a strike.

5 The judge tried to hush up the fact that his son had been arrested.

6 Daisy isn’t supposed to know about the party but I think someone must have let it slip.



UNIT 9. 9B, page 76

Exercise 1

1 boost 

2 crop 

3 fall 

4 prise 

5 get

6 betray

7 give

8 turn

9 feign


Exercise 2

Speaker 1: TJ Grant’s real name

Speaker 2: Jackie’s nose job


Exercise 3

2, 4, 6, 9


Exercise 4

1 c 

2 a 

3 b


Exercise 5

1 She has had to promise not to reveal the secret.

2 She has been kept ignorant / She hasn’t been told.

3 She looked at me in a very angry way.


Exercise 6

1 Have a think about it.

2 I didn’t mean to cause offence.

3 He came to the conclusion that he had made a mistake.

4 She dropped a / the hint that it was time for me to leave.

5 Can we have a talk?

6 He’s made / taken the decision to resign.

7 Let me have / take a look at your swollen ankle.

8 Give me a call on my mobile.

9 I could do with having / taking a rest.

10 It’s time you did some revision.


Exercise 7

1 Fancy coming for a jog? Can’t be bothered. Promise.

2 Still working at the shop? Last I heard, it was Canada. Typical!

3 Another drink? OK, see you soon. Will do.

4 Mind if I close the window? No, chilly in here, isn’t it?



UNIT 9. 9C, page 77

Exercise 1

1 obscure 

2 flimsy 

3 impudent 

4 ostensible

5 dingy

6 rousing

7 nondescript

8 grimy


Exercise 2

He doesn’t attract attention.


Exercise 3

1 many 

2 as 

3 in 

4 by 

5 had 

6 who 

7 where 

8 with

9 in / during

10 which

11 is

12 lot

13 have

14 as

15 on


Exercise 4

1 resourceful, cold-blooded, skilled at self-defence, good-looking

2 to exemplify a public place where someone would get noticed

3 He isn’t good-looking and therefore doesn’t attract attention; he has a prodigious memory and an innate ability to detect people’s strengths and weaknesses.

4 That he is just as ruthless as his enemy.


Exercise 5

1 resourceful

2 unassuming

3 prodigious

4 an innate ability

5 ruthless



UNIT 9. 9D, page 78-79

Exercise 1

1 former 

2 grab 

3 alarm 

4 tool 

5 complexity

6 sense

7 order

8 appealing

9 cause

10 belief


Exercise 2


2 three experts in history

3 Hence Gutzli

4 the FBI

5 Hence Gutzli

6 Gerd Heidemann


Exercise 3

1 F 

2 C 


4 G 


6 B


Exercise 4

1 T

These and more unanswered questions very quickly led the world’s Internet users to one conclusion: it was a hoax.

2 F ... a trip he’d made to New York in 1997

3 T

Unfortunately for Hence, one of his friends decided to share his e-mail with the rest of the world.

4 F … have been motivated by interests other than attempts at humour of questionable taste.

5 T

The Sunday Times announced an exclusive that was sure to increase its circulation: the serialisation of Adolf Hitler’s diaries.

6 F

Heidemann claimed that the diaries had been hidden in an East German barn when in fact they were the work of a forger, Konrad Paul Kujau.

7 F ... the channel had to admit they were probably a hoax

8 F

CBS asked the source of their documents to send the originals but ... the originals had apparently been destroyed soon after they were faxed. 


Exercise 5

1 a snap 

2 (dramatic) impact 

3 an appeal 

4 an exclusive 

5 circulation 

6 surface


UNIT 9. 9E, page 80

Exercise 1

have been played 

have been fooled 

be built 

be funded 

had been invented 

was supposed 

was claimed 

be changed 

be prevented

10 to be demolished

11 be made

12 was not reported


Exercise 2

When Dan’s feeling ill, he likes to be given lots of attention.

I felt that my case wasn’t being taken seriously (by the police).

It was the longest film that had ever been made.

His restaurant is described (by food critics) as the best in the country.

The prisoners shouldn’t have been treated so badly.


Exercise 3

Caught shoplifting for a second time, John Bates was made to pay a fine.

Neglected by the previous owners, Felix the cat was given a nice new home by a couple in Grinstead.

Injured by a falling tree, Mary was driven to hospital by a neighbour.

Painted in 1893 (by Edvard Munch), The Scream was stolen a few years ago.



UNIT 9. 9F, page 81

Exercise 1


2 take




Exercise 3










10 such



UNIT 9. 9G, page 82

Exercise 1

Telling white lies (to protect other people) is usually regarded as permissible.

It is frequently considered less acceptable to lie to get oneself out of trouble.

Lies which damage others are generally seen as morally reprehensible.

Holding back information is often felt to be more acceptable than telling a lie.


Exercise 3




sparing the feelings of sb


Exercise 5










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