UNIT I. All about you   1G A personal profile, page 10

Exercise 1
Name and age: Melanie, 17

Personality: active, talkative, confident, ambitious

Personality of people she likes: quiet, modest

Hobbies: fashion, films, gymnastics, dancing
Exercise 2
1 I'm looking for email friends...
2 I actually enjoy the company of.
3 Do you fancy getting in touch?
Exercise 3
I'm interested in photography.
I'm a big fan of rugby and football.
I'm crazy about computer games.
I do a bit of swimming and windsurfing.
My hobbies are listening to music and dancing.
Exercise 4
2 Jane is quite kind.
3 She's a fairly ambitious person.
4 Liam is rather impatient.
5 Sue is not very hard-working.
Writing guide
Exercise 5

Students' own answers

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