UNIT 2. Winning and losing 2F Talking about the past, page 17

Exercise 1
1 have a barbecue

2 see a show

3 go dancing

4 go to a theme park

5 cook dinner

6 visit relatives

7 go away for the weekend

8 go bowling

9 play volleyball
Exercise 2
1 Who did you play with?
2 What did you listen to?
3 What did you take photos of?
4 Which rides did you go on?
5 Who did you stay with?

a 2

b 4

c 1

d 3

e 5
Challenge! LISTENING 8
I went to the cinema.

I went away for the weekend.

I cooked dinner.

I saw a show.

I went bowling.

Students' own answers
Exercise 3 

Students' own answers
Exercise 4 LISTENING 9
Did you have a good weekend?

Jane Yes, I did.
What did you do on Saturday?
I went shopping in London.
Did you buy anything?
Yes, I did - a new coat.

What did you get up to on Sunday?

I went out for dinner.
Lenny What did you have?
Jane Pizza and salad.

Lenny 5

Lenny 3

Lenny 1

Lenny 7

Lenny 9

Jane 8

Jane 6

Jane 10

Jane 2

Jane 4

Exercise 5 

Students' own answers


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