UNIT 3. House and home 3F Picture description, page 27

Exercise 1
1 This is a photo of... 

2 on the right...
3 in front of the... 

4 It looks like... 

5 I'd imagine...
Exercise 2
1 This photo shows/In this photo we can see/This is a photo of
2 on the left
3 in front of
4 It looks like/I'd imagine
5 It looks as if/It looks like
6 Judging by
7 It looks as if/It looks like/I'd imagine
8 In the background
Exercise 3 LISTENING 14
1 There's a man in the foreground holding a mobile phone.
2 There's a church behind the man.
3 The man is wearing a watch on his right wrist.
4 In the background there's a woman wearing a striped top.
5 The man on the right is wearing a tie.
6 The man on the right is wearing a shirt with short sleeves.

1 T 

2 F

3 F

4 T

5 T

6 F
Exercise 4

Students' own answers
Exercise 5

Students' own answer