UNIT 4. Lights, camera, action! 4C Ukraine in film, page 32

Exercise 1





 Lone Wolf  (1977)

 Roman Balaian


 moving, gripping, 

 (students' own answers)







 musical  comedy

 funny, entertaining, 

 (students' own answers)

 Roksolana (1997)



 TV serial

 exciting, moving, 

 (students' own answers)

 Aurora (2006)

 Oksana Bairak


 sentimental, gripping, 

 (students' own answers)

 Shtolnia (2006)

 Liubomyr  Kobylchuk


 exciting, scary 

 (students' own answers)

Exercise 2 

6 films;

City Slickers is not Ukrainian
Exercise 3
1 He was 32.
2 Firstly comedies and spy films and later avant-garde films.
3 Arsenal, Earth and Ivan
4 The film studio in Kyiv.
5 Volodymyr Palahniuk
6 City Slickers
7 Kobzari
8 He is a film director and an actor.
9 Cossack Mamai and a beautiful Tatar girl.

10 Best Foreign Film

Students' own answers