UNIT 4. Lights, camera, action! 4F Buying tickets, page 35

Exercise 1

1 card

2 date

3 code
4 number

5 fee
Exercise 2
1 Can I help you?
2 Which showing would you like?
3 I'm afraid the 8.30 showing is sold out.
4 Sorry, did you say two adults?
5 How would you like to pay?
6 Can I have your credit card number, please?

1 b  

2 a  

3 b  

4 a  

5 b  

6 b
Exercise 3 LISTENING 17
Good afternoon. Can I help you?

Girl Can I have two tickets for True Grit, please?

Assistant Which showing would you like?

GirlThe five thirty, please.
I'm afraid the five thirty is sold out. We still have tickets for the eight thirty, though.
Just a moment, please. Dan, the five thirty showing of True Grit is sold out. Shall we go to the eight thirty or choose another film?

Boy Let's go to 127 Hours instead.
OK. Have you got tickets for the six o'clock showing of 127 Hours?

Assistant Yes, we have tickets for that. Adults or children?

Girl Pardon?
Adult tickets, or children's? Are you under 14?

Girl No, we aren't.
OK. That's two adults then. £19 in total.

Girl OK. Here you are.
£20. Thank you. And £1 change. Enjoy the film.

Girl Thank you.

Film 127 Hours
Showing 18.00
Tiskets Two adults, no children
Total price £19

 Exercise 4

Film The girl with the dragon tattoo
Showing 18.30
Tiskets Three students, no children
Total price £15

Exercise 5

Students' own answers