UNIT 4. Lights, camera, action! 

2 Get Ready for your Exam, page 44

EXAM - TASK -Listening

1 What do I think of reality shows? I think they're stupid. There are so many of them on TV and I can't tell one from another. And the people who go on these shows are all the same, too. They're loud and rude and annoying. Who's interested in them?
2 I don't watch TV reality shows on TV in general, but there are a couple of programmes that I wouldn't want to miss. There's one where ordinary people get the chance to do something that they've only dreamed of. That's a wonderful idea. I want to go on that programme. I'd like to go to Antarctica.
3 I think TV reality shows are quite entertaining. It's a good idea to have ordinary people on TV, instead of all those boring, self-important celebrities. Celebrities want you to think that they are fantastic people with fantastic lives, but it's all rubbish. Everyday people are just as interesting. More interesting, actually.
4 Reality TV shows were new and fresh a while ago. I think the idea was a good one. It can be interesting to watch people who are just the same as you doing things on TV. It makes you think 'I could do that.'. But now there are so many TV reality shows, they're getting quite boring.
5 I applied to go on the Big Brother reality TV reality show two years ago. I went for two interviews and spoke to a psychologist. Then I was invited for lunch with a lot of other people. But I didn't get chosen for the show, and actually, I'm glad about that now!

1 F

2 A

3 C

4 E

5 B
EXAM - TASK - Reading

2 F


4 F

5 T

6 F


2 Get Ready for your Exam, page 45

EXAM - TASK - Use of English
1 companies

2 reviews

3 performance

4 creation
5 audience

6 director

7 dancer

8 young

9 leadership
10 talented

11 conductors
Students' own answers
Students' own answers

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