UNIT 5. Shopping 5A At the shops, page 46

Exercise 1

1 newsagent's

2 stationer's

3 electrical store

4 butcher's

5 jeweller's 

6 greengrocer's
7 garden centre
8 baker's
Exercise 2 LISTENING 19
1 Estate agent
Good morning. Can I help you?
Man Yes.
I'm looking for a two-bedroom flat near the town centre.

Estate agent Right, OK. Well, we don't have very much at the moment. There's this one ... here are the details.

Man Thanks.It's ... £175,000.
Estate agent
That's right. It's on West Street. Very nice location. Or this one. It's a little bit closer to the centre, in Cambridge Avenue. But it's more expensive.
2 Chemist
Can I help you?
Yes. I need something to help me sleep at night. Some pills, maybe.

Chemist Well, we've got some herbal pills.

WomanArethey strong?
Chemist Not really. You need to see a doctor if you want something stronger.
It's just that my husband snores. I can't get to sleep. It's very noisy.
Well, I can sell you something to stop your husband snoring.
Great idea!
3 Woman 
Excuse me.
Do you work here?
Woman I need to buy some paint. White paint.
Assistant For indoors or outdoors?
Woman It's for the outside of my house.
Assistant OK. Follow me.
4 Assistant Can I help you?
Man Yes, I'm looking for Lady Gaga, Live.
Assistant OK. Is that the CD you want, or the DVD?
Man The DVD.
Assistant I'll just have a look on the computer.. .yes, we've got that.

Man Where is it?
Assistant The DVD section is opposite the door - just over there.

Man Thanks!
1 estate agent's 

2 chemist's

3 DIY store
4 entertainment store
Exercise 3 

Students' own answers
Exercise 4 LISTENING 20
1 eighty-five p
2 fifteen pounds
3 two pounds fifty
4 ninety-nine p
5 nine ninety-five
6 three pounds fifty
7 seven p
8 a hundred and five pounds

1 85p

2 £15

3 £2.50 
4 99p

5 £9.95

6 £3.50

7 7p

8 £105
Exercise 5

2 owed

3 spent

4 cost 
5 charged

6 saved

7 paid for

8 sold

9 lent
Challenge! LISTENING 21
1 My new phone only cost me £75 online, so I saved £50.
2 Does the jeweller's in town sell gold watches?
3 At the baker's, they charge £4.95 for a chocolate cake.
4 If you buy two CDs at the entertainment store, you save £5.