UNIT 5. Shopping

5 CULTURE EXTRA Shopping, page 53

Exercise 1

Students' own answers
Exercise 2 

1 hanging out

2 wander

3 decade

4 structures


5 undisturbed

6 household goods

7 complex

8 sales


9 bargains

10 cash

11 brand-new
12 discounts

Exercise 3 
1 T

2 F

3 F

4 T

5 T

б F

7 T

8 T
Exercise 4 

Students' own answers



3 Get Ready for your Exam, page 54
EXAM TASK - Listening 

Good morning, shoppers! Welcome to Bluewater Shopping Centre. We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience with us.

Our opening times have been extended for this Bank Holiday weekend. We will now be open on Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
During this holiday weekend we have several special events for you all. We are all going to the circus! There will be a funfair in the centre with fabulous clowns and jugglers for all the children. And don't forget to look up on Saturday afternoon, as there will also be flying acrobats in the building!

There will also be some wonderful bargains in all our shops over the weekend. If you collect the special vouchers throughout the centre, you can use them for special discounts in many of our stores.
And we aren't forgetting the young shoppers amongst you. On each of the three days there will be a children's treasure hunt in the centre. The children can follow clues and get special prizes!
So we will have something for everyone, adults and children alike, plus some great holiday bargains! So come to The Bluewater Shopping Centre this Bank Holiday weekend! Come and have a good time with us

1 F

2 T

3 F

4 F

5 T

6 F
EXAM TASK - Reading
1 B

2 C

3 C

4 C

5 C



3 Get Ready for your Exam, page 55
Use of English
1 is standing

2 to get

3 left

4 meeting

5 have driven

6 is feeling/feels

7 needs

8 asked

9 is coming/has come

10 has seen
EXAM TASK - Speaking

Students' own answers
EXAM TASK - Writing

Students' own answers