UNIT 6. How techie are you? 6A Electronic devices, page 56

Exercise 1
1 notebook

2 satellite TV

3 satnav

4 ebook reader

5 games console

6 digital photo frame

7 MP3 player

8 camcorder

9 smartphone

10 tablet PC

11 HD TV

12 digital radio

13 hard disk recorder

Exercise 2
1 ebook reader

2 satnav

3 hard disk recorder

4 games console

5 digital radio

6 MP3 player / smartphone
Exercise 3

Tamsin My favourite device was always my MP3 player. I took it everywhere with me so that I could listen to music. I had a mobile too, so I could make calls and send and receive texts. But when my mobile contract ran out, I upgraded to a smartphone, and it's the best gadget I've ever had. I don't need an MP3 player any more as I can store all my songs on the phone. Not only that, I can surf the Net, pick up my emails, and it's got a video camera.

Henry I'm crazy about sci-fi stories. I've probably got about 50 on the shelf in my bedroom. The problem is they take up a lot of space, so I asked Mum and Dad to get me an ebookreader for Christmas. It's really amazing. You just go to a website that sells ebooks and download them. It only takes about a minute to download a book. And they're a bit cheaper than real books. My ebookreader can store about 1,500 books - but it's the same size as a single book. If you're into reading, you should get one.
I'm not a big fan of gadgets - I've got a mobile, and my dad's old PC in my bedroom. But I really like the hard disk recorder that we've got at home. You can watch one programme while you're recording another, and it's got a huge memory so you can record loads of programmes. The other great thing is that you can pause a TV programme, if you have to answer the phone or something, and you can also rewind a programme and watch a bit of it again. It's really cool.
1 smartphone

2 ebook reader

3 hard disk recorder
Exercise 4 LISTENING 25 

1 make, send

2 surf, pick up

3 sells, download

4 store

5 record

6 rewind
Exercise 5

1 Plug, on

2 turn, out

3 down, put 
4 took, turned

5 Turn

6 off, away

7 take