UNIT 6. How techie are you? 6D Zero conditional, page 59

Exercise 1

1 feel, do

2 is, drinks

3 get, go  

4 can't sleep/doesn't sleep, drinks

5 buy, can

6 Does, get, don't do 

7 switch off, save
8 use, runs out
Exercise 2
2 If you record a programme on the hard disk recorder, you can watch it later.
3 It doesn't matter if you are late.
4 He gets bad-tempered if he doesn't have enough sleep.
5 I always feel happy if I listen to reggae music.
6 If I'm worried about something, I talk about it with my friends.
Exercise 3
1 It might/may/could rain soon.

2 He might/may/could buy a mobile.

3 She might/may/could fall out of the tree.

4 He might/may not finish his homework before bedtime.

5 It might/may/could crash into the hedge.
6 They might/may not reach the top.

Students' own answers