UNIT 6. How techie are you? 

6 CULTURE EXTRA A computing revolution, page 63

Exercise 1

Students' own answers
Exercise 2
1 F

2 F


4 F

5 F



Exercise 3
1 brain

2 launch

3 download

4 gadget

5 MP3 player
6 tap

7 screen

8 functional
Exercise 4
Students' own answers


4 Get Ready for your EXAM, page 64
Exam TASK - Listening

Callingallswimmers! Have you got any spare time during the Easter holidays? Are you confident in the water? Would you like to learn how to save lives? Then come down to Salcombe swimming pool. We are running life-saving courses this week during the holidays every morning at 11 a.m. They're fun and they're free!
Parents, why not bring your young children to the Art Giraffe Café this holiday week? They can paint a cup or a plate, and you can have a cup of coffee and relax. Or why not try some painting yourself? We have parent and children sessions every morning. A painted plate or egg cup makes a wonderful Easter present!
Are there any young actors out there? During the Easter holidays, Stagecoach is running drama classes for young people every afternoon at the community centre. There are two age groups: 9-12 and 13-16. There will be a show at the end of the week. Phone 856778 for more information.
Have you got some free time this Easter? Would you like to learn how to use watercolours? Then come to Harbour House with your paintbrushes! We are running classes this week for older teenagers and adults. If you are 50 or over, it's free! Phone now on 874323 to book your place or find out more!
Fancy a dance? Would you like to have fun and keep fit? Then why not try one of our Team Jam classes at the Leisure Centre? It's street dance, it's fast, it's fantastic! If you are 18 or over just join us. We have classes for beginners and intermediate. Come on - have fun this Easter!
1 a Life-saving courses

   b 11 a.m.
2 a Parents and young children

   b Every morning
3 a 9-12 and 13-16 b 856778
4 a How to use watercolours.

   b Nothing, it's free.
5 a At the Leisure Centre

   b 18 or over
EXAM TASK - Reading
1 B 

2 C

3 C

4 D

5 C


4 Get Ready for your EXAM, page 65
Exam TASK - Use of English

1 our

2 useful

3 don't

4 a

5 Without

6 darker

7 before

8 much

9 these

10 another

11 improve 


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