UNIT 7. Around the world 7B must, mustn't and needn't, page 67

Exercise 1

1 needn't

2 must

3 needn't

4 mustn't

5 must
6 mustn't

7 needn't

8 mustn't

Exercise 2
2 In some Muslim countries, you mustn't eat with your left hand.

3 In lots of countries, you must eat everything on your plate. 

4 In Australia, men mustn't wink at women they don't know.

5 In the UK, you must say 'please' when asking for something.

6 In the UK, you mustn't talk with your mouth full.

7 In Switzerland, guests must arrive on time.
Exercise 3
1 needn't recharge

2 mustn't forget

3 needn't hurry

4 mustn't watch

5 needn't get up

6 mustn't wear
Exercise 4
1 You needn't take off your shoes.
2 You must use a knife and fork.
3 You needn't take a gift.
4 You mustn't put your elbows on the table.
5 You mustn't eat noisily.
6 You must give the waiter a tip.

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