UNIT 7. Around the world 7D GRAMMAR First conditional, page 69

Exercise 1

Order not important
2 I'll lend you some money if you need it.
3 If you're hot, I'll open the window.
4 You'll be late if you don't hurry.
5 I'll be amazed if I pass my science exam.
6 If I feel better tomorrow, I'll go back to school.
Exercise 2
1 eat, 'll feel

2 won't pass, doesn't study

3 'll be, don't come

4 have, will, help

5 won't buy, costs

6 lend, will, pay

7 give, 'll stop
Exercise 3
1 open, 'll bring

2 see, 'll be

3 break, '

4 will happen, walk

5 'll have, drop have
Exercise 4
1 it'll crash

2 he'll fall off the ladder
3 the dog will chase it

4 the bath will overflow

Students' own answers