UNIT 7. Around the world 7F Giving advice and recommendations, page 66

Exercise 1

1 art gallery

2 fun fair 
3 market

4 monument

5 palace

6 castle

7 cathedral

8 concert
Exercise 2
1 I think you should
2 I think you ought to
3 I don't think you should
4 I don't think you ought to
5 I think you ought to
6 I think you should
Exercise 3
1 recommend

2 on

3 cost

4 show

5 there

6 here

a adults  

b one    

c interesting    

d get    

e until    

f next    
Exercise 4 LISTENING 33
1 What do you recommend we see?
   You should go to the museum. It's very interesting.
2 Are there any festivals or carnivals on at the moment?

   No, not until March.
3 How much does it cost to get in?
   It's £10 for adults and £8 for children under 16.
4 Can you show me where that is on the map?

   Yes, it's here, next to the museum.
5 Is there a taxi rank nearby?
   Yes, there's one near the bus station.
6 Is the Old Town near here?
   No, you'll need to take a tram to get there.

1 c   2 e    3 a    4 f    5 b    6 d
Exercise 5 LISTENING 34
Information Officer
Good morning. Can I help you?
Yes, I'm visiting the city for a few days, and I'd like some information about places to visit.
Information Officer Certainly. I recommend you go and see the castle. It's very interesting.

Girl I'm not really into castles.
Information Officer Doyou like art? There's an excellent art gallery in the main square.
Yes,thatsoundsinteresting.Is it far from here?
Information Officer I'll show you on the map. It's here. You can take a number 41 bus from
opposite this information office.

OK, thanks. What else do you recommend?
Information Officer This weekend there's a big carnival. That's usually a lot of fun.
I'mafraid we're only here for three days. We won't be here at the weekend.
Information Officer Well, there's the cathedral, of course - that's very popular with tourists.
Whatare the opening hours?
Information Officer Nine to five on weekdays and Saturdays. And 2.30 to 4.30 on Sundays.

GirlHowmuch does it cost to get in? IO It's £8.
Is it £8 for students too?
Information Officer Um, let me see. I've got a leaflet about it here. No, it's £6 for students.

Girl Great, I'm a student. Can I take the leaflet?

Information Officer Of course. And the map, too.

Girl Thank you very much.

Information Officer You're welcome. Enjoy your stay. 

2 F: She is staying for three days

3 T
4 F: The cathedral is open to visitors from 2.30 to 4.30 on Sundays.
5 F: It will cost her £6 because she is a student.

6 T
Exercise 6 

Students' own answers