UNIT 8. What if ... ? 8F Stimulus discussion, page 81

Exercise 1

Students' own answers
Exercise 2 LISTENING 37

StudentI'd much rather do a sponsored bike ride. The main reason for this is that I really enjoy cycling. There's also the fact that it's easier to ask friends and family for money, rather than strangers! I wouldn't choose the first option because I wouldn't enjoy collecting money from strangers. What's more, I'd feel a bit embarrassed if I had to dress up. The second option would definitely be better.
1 I'd much rather
2 The main reason for this is that
3 There's also the fact that
4 I wouldn't choose
5 What's more,
Exercise 3
1 would

2 couldn't

3 wouldn't

4 could

5 would
6 wouldn't

7 could/would

8 wouldn't
Exercise 4

Students' own answers