UNIT 8. What if ... ?

8 CULTURE EXTRA Chornobyl, page 83

Exercise 1

1 F

2 T

3 F

4 F
5 F (there are proposals for one)

Exercise 2
1 order

2 plant

3 dust

4 workers

5 a fire

6 cancer

7 zone

8 species

9 reserve

10 town
Exercise 3
1 They tried to shut down the reactor.
2 radiation
3 over 1,000 miles
4 Belarus and Russia
5 Prypiat and a further 187
Exercise 4 

Students' own answers


8 Get Ready for your Exam, page 84
Exam TASK - Listening

Right, David, the school has asked us to come up with a poster about littering.
Well, I think it's because there's so much rubbish around the street near the school. Most of the rubbish is things that kids from our school drop.

David Oh, OK. So how about a picture with a field or river with lots of litter in it and a slogan saying 'I wish it didn't look like this'?

Laura Mmm, nice idea.
Or we could have the problems litter causes: it costs money to remove, it looks bad, it attracts more litter and it can harm people and animals.

Laura I think I'd rather focus on something more positive.

David Oh yes? Like what?
Well, we could look at the solutions rather than the problem.

We could encourage people to put rubbish in bins and not on the floor, take rubbish home with them, and use a cloth bag instead of plastic bags.

David And always clean up after your dog?
Hmm I don't think that would be a good idea to be honest, dog mess is not what this is about.
Oh,OK.Do you think we should mention recycling as well?
Yes, good idea. Oh, the poster could have four corners: bin it, take it home, don't use plastic, and recycle.
That sounds brilliant! Shall we make it ourselves?
IthinkaskingEvatodoit would be better. She is a better artist than us.
OK,let's ask her.
1 T

2 F

3 T

4 F

5 T

6 NG


Exam TASK - Reading
1 B

2 A

3 G

4 E

5 D

6 H

7 F


8 Get Ready for your Exam, page 85
Exam TASK - Use of English

1 on

2 ago

3 would

4 to

5 with

6 had

7 were

8 after

9 There

10 who
Exam TASK - Speaking

Students' own answers
EXAM TASK - Writing

Students' own answers