UNIT 9. Crime scene 9A Crimes and criminals, page 86

Exercise 1

6 arson

9 burgle

10 steal

12 mug

13 shoplifting

14 murder
1 drugs

2 vandalism

3 rob

4 robber

5 joyriding  
7 set fire to

8 burglar 

11 thief steal 
Exercise 2 LISTENING 39
Man Where'smy mobile? It was in my bag.
Woman Have you checked your pockets?
Man Hang on. . No, it isn't in my pockets. I left my bag here under the desk while I was having lunch, and my mobile was definitely in it.
Woman Do you think somebody came into the office and stole it?
Man I don't know.
Woman Is there anything else missing?
Man Let me check. Yes! My MP3 player is missing too!
Woman It's late. I'd better go home now.
Man I'll walk you home.
Woman There's no need. It isn't far to my house.
Man Yes, but Tom was walking home a few nights ago, and a couple of men attacked him in the street and took his wallet and his mobile.
Woman Did they hurt him?
  Man Yes, they pushed him to the ground. He hurt his arm. 

    Woman Poor Tom. Have they caught the people who did it? 

    Man Yes, the police arrested two men the following day. 

3 Man The police raided a house in our street last weekend.

    Woman Really? What were they looking for? 

    Man Heroin and cocaine.
Woman Really? I didn't think that sort of thing went on round here.
Man Yeah, it does. There's always a couple of men hanging around on the pavement outside the house, selling drugs.
Woman How do you know they were selling drugs?
Man Cars come up stop near the men, and you see them handing over money and small packets of stuff. It's usually at night, so you never see itreally clearly, but I'm sure it's drugs they're selling.
Woman Somebody broke into the village hall.
Man Broke into the village hall? Do you know how they got in?
Woman They climbed through a window.
Man Why would they want to do that? Did they steal anything?
Woman No, but they smashed some chairs and tables.
Man That's terrible. Do they know who did it?
Woman No, the police seem to have no idea.
Woman I was in Jepson's department store the other day when the security guard arrested someone.
Man I didn't know security guards could arrest people.
Woman Well, this one did. It was a woman with a young child. She couldn't have been more than 18.
Man What had she done?
Woman Stolen something, I think. The security guard was holding some baby food and nappy cream.
Man Poor woman. She probably couldn't afford to buy it.
Woman But she shouldn't steal from shops, should she? Anyway the security guard called the police.
Man Oh no. Surely that wasn't necessary. He could have let her off with a warning.
Woman Well, it's her own fault. She broke the law.
1 theft

2 mugging

3 drug dealing

4 vandalism

5 shoplifting
Exercise 3 

1 stole

2 arrested

3 raided

4 broke into

5 called

6 broke
Exercise 4
1 -er

2 -ician

3 -ist

4 -ician

5 -ist

6 -er

7 -ist

8 -ician

9 -or
Exercise 5
1 novelist

2 smoker

3 magician

4 film directors

5 electrician

6 scientists