UNIT 9. Crime scene 9B Past perfect, page 87

Exercise 1
1 had washed

2 hadn't had

3 hadn't recharged

4 had gone

5 had broken down

6 had seen

7 hadn't visited

8 had written
Exercise 2
2 had had

3 had phoned

4 hadn't begun

5 hadn't finished

6 hadn't had

7 had finished
Exercise 3
3 After the thief had stolen the jewels, he sold them to his friend.
4 When the police arrived, the shoplifter had run away.
5 After the teenagers had gone joyriding, they burned the car.
6 After the arsonist had set fire to the school, he ran away.
7 After the gang had robbed the bank, they flew to Brazil.

Students' own answers