UNIT 9. Crime scene 9D Reported speech, page 89

Exercise 1
2 he didn't speak French.
3 he had seen a good film in London.
4 they couldn't come to the party.
5 it was very cold outside.
6 he hadn't done his homework.
7 they lived in a small village.
8 he could type really fast.
9 it was snowing.
10 somebody had stolen his wallet.
Exercise 2
2 We didn't read the newspaper.

3 Drug dealers are criminals.

4 I'm not wearing a coat.

5 I can't swim.

6 I've bought a DVD.

7 I wanted to go to bed.

8 I can't hear you.
Exercise 3
2 she couldn't stand detective stories.
3 she was reading a horror story.
4 he liked horror stories too.
5 he had read part of Frankenstein in the summer holidays.
6 his parents had given it to him for his birthday.
7 she hadn't enjoyed Frankenstein.
8 he thought it was brilliant.
9 the ending wasn't very good.
10 he didn't want to know the ending.
11 she wasn't going to tell him.
Challenge! LISTENING

1 I'm tired.
2 David is reading.
3 I can't sleep.
4 I didn't see the burglar.
5 I like rap music.
6 We're going out this evening.
7 I can swim really well.
8 She gave me a CD for Christmas.
2 She said that David was reading.
3 He said that he couldn't sleep.
4 He said that he hadn't seen the burglar.
5 She said that she liked rap music.
6 He said that they were going out this evening.
7 She said that she could swim really well.
8 She said that she had given her a CD for Christmas.

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