UNIT 9. Crime scene 9F Reporting a theft , page 91

Exercise 1
1 Could you describe the wallet, please?

2 Could I ask what was in the bag, please?

3 Could I ask you to describe the jacket, please?

4 Could you tell me your name, please?

5 Would you mind filling in this form, please?

6 If you could just tell me your name, please.
Exercise 2
2 Could you tell me when you last had it, please?
3 If you could just sign your name here, please.
4 Would you mind telling me your name, please?
5 Could I ask you what was in the bag, please?
6 If I could just take down some details, please.
7 May I ask you some questions, please?
8 Could you spell your name, please?
Exercise 3 LISTENING 42

Officer Good afternoon. Can I help you?

Tracy Hello. I've lost my mobile. I think somebody stole it.

Officer Oh yes?
Tracy I was on my way home from school, on my bike. My bag was on the back of the bike. When I got home, the bag wasn't there. I think it had dropped off on the way.
Officer So, you've lost your bag as well as your mobile?

Tracy No, I've got the bag.

Officer Oh?
Tracy Yes, I went back. Followed my route back to school. And I found the bag. Someone had thrown it into some bushes at the side of the road. But the mobile was missing. It was in the bag, you see.
Officer What was the make and model of the mobile?
Tracy It was a Nokia X6.
Officer Expensive!
Tracy Yes, very. It was a present from my parents.

Officer Is it insured?

Tracy No.
Officer Could I ask you to describe it, please?
Tracy It's white, um, about 10 centimetres long. It's got a big touch screen.
Officer Have you phoned your network?
Tracy No, not yet.
Officer Well, you must do that as soon as possible. Now did they take anything else from the bag?
Tracy Yes, my bus pass... Luckily my wallet was in my pocket, so they didn't get that. Do you think I'll get the mobile back?
Officer I'm afraid it's unlikely. Now, would you mind signing this form, please?

1 ✓

2 - 

3 ✓

4 - 

5 - 

6 -
Exercise 4
1 a

2 b

3 a
Exercise 5 

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Exercise 6 

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