UNIT 9. Crime scene

9 CULTURE EXTRA Important jobs, page 93

Exercise 1

Students' own answers
Exercise 2

a Police officer

b Crime investigator

c Lawyer
Exercise 3
1 court 

2 fingerprints

3 samples

4 clues

5 patrol
6 solve

7 guilty

8 mounted police

9 arrest

10 rights
11 committed
Exercise 4
1 to connect a criminal to a crime scene
2 a lot of training and they need to be organised 

3 they assist at accidents, control traffic and patrol the streets getting to know the local community

4 it's exciting but dangerous

5 information about their rights
6 There can be a lot of pressure and they have to spend time with criminals.
Exercise 5
commit a crime;

take fingerprints;

arrest criminals;

control the traffic;

patrol the streets;

defend the accused;

examine the facts;

question a witness
Exercise 6 

Students' own answers


7 Get Ready for your Exam, page 94

Exam TASK - Listening

Good morning, everyone!
Welcome to our city; I hope you enjoy the conference. I am just going to say a few words about safety here. Even though our city is fairly safe, there are some thieves, muggers and other criminals. Thieves usually target tourists in crowded squares. There are also some busy tram routes which are not very safe, such as the 22. So make sure you keep your personal possessions safe at all times and have some common sense in busy areas.
Also, if you plan to change money, do it in a bank. Criminals can trick travellers by offering a great exchange rate, only for the visitor to then find they have some faked money instead of euros. This kind of fraud can really ruin your trip. Be careful too when taking a taxi. Although this is not as big a problem as it used to be, some taxi drivers might still be a little dishonest. Don't get a taxi on the street, always book one. Make sure you use one of the taxi companies that we have listed in the conference folder; they speak English if you phone them. Make sure you get a receipt and if you feel you have been overcharged give the company a call.
Now how about you? I am sure none of you want to break any laws so here are a couple of things that visitors to our city often get into trouble for. In our country jaywalking is illegal, that is, crossing the road without using a pedestrian crossing. So always look for zebra crossings when you need to. Also
Pre-Intermediate Workbook Key
if there is a red and green light at the crossing, wait until the green man shows. Walking when the red man is lit can cost you a fine of up to 30 euros. It is also illegal to ride on the trams or metro without a valid ticket. The system works on a trust basis so there are no barriers but you still need to buy a ticket. Make sure you punch the ticket in the yellow machines on the tram or on the metro platform. You might get asked to show your ticket to an inspector at any time during the journey. If you haven't got a valid ticket you will be fined 20 euros. Finally, make sure you carry ID with you at all times, that is, an identification card or passport. If you get stopped by the police or by ticket inspectors they will ask to see your identification.
Thank you for your attention and we hope you have a safe time here in our beautiful city.
1 safety

2 squares

3 22

4 taxi

5 €30

6 inspector

7 ID
EXAM TASK - Reading
A 2

B 4

C 3

D 5


7 Get Ready for your Exam, page 95

EXAM TASK - Use of English 

1 worried

2 irresponsible

3 safely

4 reliable

5 badly

6 driving

7 management

8 dangerous

9 behaviour

10 expectations
EXAM TASK - Speaking

Students' own answers
EXAM TASK - Writing 

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