UNIT 10. The written word 10A Publications, page 96

Exercise 1

2 thesaurus

3 dictionary

4 atlas

5 textbook
6 newspaper

7 guidebook

8 manual

9 play
10 autobiography

11 novel

12 magazine
Exercise 2 LISTENING 4

1 It really does contain a huge amount of information on every subject that you can imagine. Now, many people think that, because of the Internet, we don't need this kind of book any more. But in my opinion, it's a very different experience. With this book, you can pick it up, open it and start reading or looking at the pictures - you don't have to know what you're looking for. And you can learn something amazing.
2  ... and I asked myself, 'Have I learned anything new about Michael Jackson from this author?' Because that's the whole point, isn't it? To learn new things about the person's life. And I decided that no, I hadn't learnt anything new, and so for me at least, reading this book was pointless. But perhaps...
3  ... and of course, in the past, it was very much a genre for children - with superheroes like Spider Man and all the other great Marvel characters. Asterix, Snoopy and Garfield too. But this latest work is really aimed at adults. The pictures are amazing, the story is exciting and the text is perfect. Most of the words are in speech bubbles, but there are also occasional paragraphs of description which really...
4 The first and shortest of the tales, 'Night Terror', is a brilliantly written piece of horror. It really is terrifying, even though it's only ten pages long. (The others in the book range from 12 to 25 pages.) My other favourite is called 'Blood on the Carpet', which comes about half way through the book. It tells the story of...
5 Most of the recipes are quite simple, but a few are more complicated - like the chocolate fudge cake with raspberry and almond cream. All of them are absolutely delicious! My favourites are the ones with chocolate, but there are also lots of fruit recipes which...
1 encyclopaedia

2 biography

3 comic

4 short stories
5 cookbook
Exercise 3
1 F: It's a paperback book.
2 T

3 T

4 F

5 F

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