UNIT 10. The written word 10F Arranging to meet, page 101

Exercise 1

a -

b -

d -

Exercise 2 LISTENING 46
Penny Hi, Brad. What are you up to?
Brad Nothing much. I've just finished my homework.
Penny Do you fancy meeting up in town?
Brad Yes, sure. Why don't we have lunch at the café in the High Street?
Penny Great idea! Let's meet at the bus stop.
Brad I'd prefer to meet at the café.
Penny OK, no problem. Why's that?
Brad Because I'm not catching the bus. I'm going to cycle.
Penny Fine. What time do you want to meet?
Brad How about 12.30?

Penny Great! I'll see you at the café at 12.30, then.

1 a

2 b

3 f
Exercise 3 

2 Great idea!

3 OK, no problem.
4 Fine.
Exercise 4 LISTENING 47
1 Girl Do you fancy going to the beach? 

   Boy Sure. What time do you want to meet? 

   Girl How about 11 o'clock? 

   Boy Fine.
2 Boy Shall we play tennis this afternoon?

   Girl l I'd prefer to go swimming.

   Boy OK, no problem. Give me a call later.

3 Boy Let's go jogging together.

   Girl Great idea! Where shall we meet?

   Boy Why don't we meet in the park at 1 o'clock?

   Girl Fine. See you at one!

4 Girl Do you fancy going shopping? 

   Boy Sure. Why not? Shall we go to the shopping centre?

   Girl Yes, OK. Let's meet there, outside the entertainment store.

   Boy Great. See you later.

a 2

b 3

c 1

d 4

Exercise 5 
1 c

2 a

3 e

4 b

5 d
Exercise 6 

1 go

2 play

3 have
Exercise 7 

Students' own answers
Exercise 8 

Students' own answers