UNIT 10. The written word

10 CULTURE EXTRA Libraries in Ukraine, page 103

Exercise 1

The V.I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine
Exercise 2
1 fairy tale

2 mystery

3 manuscript

4 catalogue

5 biography

6 novel

7 non-fiction

8 encyclopaedia
Exercise 3
1 T

2 F

3 T

4 T

5 F
Exercise 4 

Students' own answers


8 Get Ready for your Exam, page 104 
EXAM TASK - Listening

Interviewer Good morning and welcome to Radio 25's Real Lives programme. Today we have in the studio
Keith Biggins, a local charity worker. He has just received some amazing news. Welcome to the studio, Keith.

Keith Thanks.
Interviewer Now, Keith, you have just found out that you have won an award from the Queen.
Keith Yes! I am going to Buckingham Palace next month to collect it. I can't believe it.
Interviewer These awards are given to people for their services to their local community. And you are getting an award for your charitable work.

Keith Yes, but I feel I don't deserve it. There are many wonderful community and charity workers in my area.

Interviewer When did you start this type of work?
Keith I have always done work for charity. Every year I raise money for homeless people and for children from poor families. I own a family business selling beds and it has always seemed wrong to me that I sell wonderful, expensive beds in my shops, but there are so many people in our society who do not have a bed at all. And there are still a lot of children growing up in poverty, fear and danger. I think a home should be a safe place with a warm bed to sleep in.
Interviewer You retired fifteen years ago, but you are still working? Keith Yes. My son runs the family business now. But I still do my charity work and he helps me. For example, last year we raised money for community flats for homeless people and of course, we put beds in the flats. We also gave hundreds of beds to old people's homes and to children's homes. And last Christmas I collected more than 3,000 presents for poor children in our community.
Interviewer You are 67 years old now. Are you going to stop work soon?

Keith I don't think so. There's still so much more to do.

Interviewer r Well, Keith, I think you deserve your award. Congratulations!

Keith Thank you very much indeed.
1 He's going to collect an award from the Queen.
2 It sells beds.
3 He thinks it should be a safe place with a warm bed to sleep in.
4 They raised money for homeless people.
5 He collected more than 3,000 presents for poor children in his community.
6 Yes, there is still much more to do.
EXAM TASK - Reading
1 science reporter

2 reports

3 future


5 almost two weeks 

6 roads, schools

7 tour


8 Get Ready for your Exam, page 105 
EXAM TASK - Use of English

1 was visiting

2 was

3 had belonged

4 was given

5 had written

6 liked

7 had been marked

8 had almost disappeared

9 gave

10 would type
EXAM TASK - Speaking

Students' own answers
EXAM TASK - Writing

Students' own answers