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UNIT 5 Shopping

5A Vocabulary and listening, At the shops, page 44

Exercise 2

1 greengrocer's 

2 baker's 

3 entertainment store

4 estate agent's 

5 newsagent's 

6 chemist's 

7 DIY store 

8 stationer's 

9 jeweller's 

10 butcher's 

11 garden centre

12 electrical store


Exercise 4

Bookshop: books, stationery, magazines

Card shop: birthday cards, wrapping paper

Clothes shop: different types of cloches

Computer shop: computers, compute» games, accessories

Mobile phone store: phones, phone accessories

Sports shop: sports clothes, sports equipment

Toy shop: different types of toys


Exercise 5

Dialogue 1

1 The customer is in an entertainment store.

2 The customer wants to buy a computer game.

3 Yes.

Dialogue 2

1 The customer is in a jeweller's.

2 The customer wants to buy f watch

3 No.

Dialogue 3

1 The customer is in a newsagent's.

2 The customer wants to buy a magazine about snowboarding.

3 Yes.


Exercise 6

1 a 


3 b 


5 a 

6 b


5B Grammar, Present perfect, page 45

Exercise 1

c Kayla


Exercise 2

1 been

2 has


4 Has, asked


Exercise 3

We've been to every shoe shop in the city. (1) 

I've been here in this cafe for an hour. (2) 

Mum has gone to the clothes shop opposite. (1) 

She hasn’t stopped shopping since we got here. (2) 

I've had enough. (1) 

I’ve bought a present for you. (1)


Exercise 4

1 Have you left 

2 've finished 

3 Have you bought

4 've found 

5 haven't spent 

6 've sent 

7 haven't eaten 

8 've had


Exercise 5

a We've been to every shoe shop n the city.

b Mum has gone to the clothes shop opposite.

c I've been here in this cafe for an hour.


Exercise 6

1 for

2 since

3 for

4 since

5 since

6 for


5C Culture, Street life, page 46

Exercise 2

A 2

В 1

C 3


Exercise 3

1 It was one of the first markets to start selling pineapples.

2 The water wasn't safe to drink.

3 The pub was called 'the Bucket of Blood' because illegal boxing matches took place there.

4 It opened in 1798.

5 There is only one place: Covent Garden.

6 You can hire the outfit for the night.


Exercise 4

1 busk, busker

2 audience

3 audition

4 venue

5 artist


Exercise 5

1 F: You can send your entries by text or email.

2 F: There is no need to contact the organisers before the date. 

3 T 

4 T

5 F: There are no performances on Sunday or Monday.


5D Grammar, Present perfect and past simple,page 47

Exercise 1

1 F: Joe hasn't visited London. 

2 T


Exercise 2

Present perfect: Have you ever; Yes, I have; Have you been; No, I haven't; I've never visited; I've shopped

Past simple: I went; We went; What did you buy; 1 bought; It was; she loved


Exercise  3

The verbs in the past simple are all talking about a specific occasion.

The verbs in the present perfect are all talking about experiences at any time in the past.


Exercise  4

1 I bought 

2 I've lost 

3 she's written 

4 gave 

5 haven't tried 

6 She's seen


Exercise  5

2 A Have you ever found;

   В found

3 A Have you ever seen;

   В saw

4 A Have you ever drunk;

   В drank

5 A Have you ever forgotten;

   В forgot

6 A Have you ever taken pare

   В took part


Exercise  6

2 Have you ever paid to download a song?

3 Have you ever bought a present and then kept it for yourself?

4 Have you ever met a British person?

5 Have you ever forgotten to do your homework?

6 Have you ever written a letter of complaint?

7 Have you ever left a shop without paying for something?


5E Reading, Bids to become famous, page 48

Exercise  2





Exercise  3

A sale: singular noun

A bids: plural noun

8 purchase: verb

В advertising: singular noun

C bargain: singular noun

C goods: plural noun 

C banknotes: plural noun


Exercise  4

1 Bids

2 Advertising

3 sale

4 Banknotes

5 purchase

6 Goods

7 bargain


Exercise 5

1 c 

2 d 

3 b 


5 d 

6 d


5F Everyday English, Making a complaint, page 50

Exercise 1

1 Kylie is complaining because the zip has come off her top.

2 Yes, it is.


Exercise 4

1 a jacket

2 a DVD

3 a television


Exercise 6

Dialogue 1: DIY store; paint

Dialogue2: jeweller's; watch


Exercise 7

1 exchange

2 receipt

3 speak

4 back

5 refunds

6 enough


5G Writing, A formal letter, page 51

Exercise 1

Oliver Brown is writing to complain about his phone.

Tracey Swift is writing to complain about her ring.


Exercise 2

Student A

1 The writer bought a phone.

2 He bought it from a Talkback Phones shop in Cambridge.

3 He bought it on 28th December.

4 The camera on the phone doesn't work properly.

5 Yes, he does.

6 He wants the company to repair the phone or send him a new one.

Student В

1 The writer bought a ring.

2 She bought it from the Jewellery Online website.

3 She bought it last week.

4 The ring she got was different from the ring in the picture.

5 Yes, she does.

6 She wants the company to give her a refund.


Exercise 4

1 14th January 2012; 3rd February 2012

2 Dear Sir or Madam...Yours faithfully

3 Dear Mr Black. ..Yours sincerely

4 Oliver Brown; Tracey Swift


Get Ready for your Exam 3, page 52-53

Exercise 2

1 A

2 C


4 В

5 A


Exercise 3

1 is too hot to 

2 is the tallest boy in 

3 a better driver than

4 isn't as intelligent 

5 haven't seen Fred for

6 has been in London


Exercise 4

Photo1: stage, costume, old-fashioned, voice, singer, classical 

Photo2: microphone, stage, guitar, voice, singer, modern, musician


Exercise 7

beach holiday: sunbathing, swimming, windsurfing

spa holiday: relaxing in a sauna, swimming

activity holiday: trekking, swimming, paragliding, windsurfing

walking holiday: trekking, sightseeing

city holiday: sightseeing


Exercise 9

1 D 


3 C 

4 В 


6 E 

7 D 

8 C


Exercise 11

The student does not get a refund as the jeans were bought in a sale.


Exercise 12

The student says that she didn't have a receipt when the examiner asked her when she had bought the jeans. She should have told the еxaminer when she bought them.

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