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Unit 1 Feelings, 1A Vocabulary, How do you feel?, page 8

Exercise 1

1 excited 

2 relieved 

3 cross 

4 anxious 

5 proud

6 suspicious 

7 bored 

8 frightened 

9 envious

10 upset 

11 confused 

12 shocked


Mystery word: disappointed


Exercise 2

1 extremely 

2 very 

3 rather 

4 a bit 

5 a little bit


Exercise 3

2 delighted 

3 embarrassed 

4 proud 

5 upset

6 anxious 

7 frightened 

8 relieved


Exercise 4

1 relieved 

2 suspicious 

3 envious 

4 ashamed



1. The other team weren’t very good and we quickly scored three goals. But then we relaxed, I think. We thought ‘This is easy! We’re going to win. No problem at all.’ But then, in the second half, the other team scored three goals, so it was 3-3 And there were only five minutes left. But luckily we managed to score in the last minute and win the match.

2 I arranged to meet my boyfriend Jake last night but he texted an hour before and said sorry, he was busy. I texted back: ‘Busy? What are you doing?’ ‘I’m staying in. Really sorry. See you tomorrow,’ he said. But then Sally saw him in town with Lizzie. That’s what she said anyway. So, did he stay in? I don’t know.

3 There’s a boy in my class who’s good at everything. He gets top marks in all the subjects and he doesn’t seem to work very hard. He’s also very good at sport and is captain of the football team. And he’s good looking and popular with the girls! How does he do it?!

4 I had a really bad argument with my sister last night. She borrowed my jeans without asking me and I got a bit cross, and she got very upset. I was just tired and wasn’t feeling very well. It was silly because we often borrow clothes from each other. I feel so bad about it. I’m going to apologise straight away when I get home.

Інші завдання дивись тут...

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