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UNIT 1 Feelings, 1C Listening Problems, problems!, page 10

Exercise 1

1 make 

2 have 

3 give 

4 take 

5 made 

6 tell

7 take 

8 tell


Exercise 2

2 shouldn’t listen 

3 should look 

4 shouldn’t feel

5 should invite 

6 should tell 

7 should spend

8 should go


Exercise 4

1 a 

2 b 

3 a



1 Ben Hi Ellie. How are you?

Ellie Oh, I’m OK, thanks.

Ben You don’t sound very happy.

Ellie Well, to be honest, I’m a bit upset about the school show. It doesn’t look like I can be in it this year.

Ben Why not?

Ellie Because a relative of mine is getting married – and the wedding is on the same night as the first performance.

Ben That’s bad luck!

Ellie I know.


2 Leo Hi, Daisy. What are you up to?

Daisy I’m reading an email from my cousin in Canada. He’s planning to visit us next month! I can’t wait …

Leo That’s good news. But I didn’t think you got on with him that well.

Daisy I don’t. But he’s OK.

Leo I don’t understand. You seem really excited …

Daisy I know. Because he’s bringing me a DVD of the newTwilight film. It isn’t in the shops here, only in America.

Leo Oh, OK. Now I see. Fantastic!

Daisy I know!


3 Molly Hi James. What’s wrong?

James Oh, nothing. I’m fine, really – just a bit worried.

Molly Why’s that?

James I’ve got a piano exam this afternoon and I don’t think I’m ready for it. I need to practise more.

Molly Can’t you practise now? It’s only ten o’clock in the morning. You’ve got loads of time.

James The problem is, I’ve got to finish my homework before lunch!

Molly Oh dear. Can I help at all?

James No, it’s OK. I just need to concentrate. See you later!


Exercise 5

A 5

B 1

C 3

D 2



A Sophia Hi, Charlie. You don’t look very happy. Is there a problem?

Charlie Well, yes. I just don’t know what to do.

Sophia Tell me about it.

Charlie Well, you know I’m in the basketball team …

Sophia Yes. You’re really good!

Charlie Well, I want to stop playing.

Sophia Stop playing? Why?

Charlie I haven’t got time. I’ve got too much schoolwork this year.

Sophia So … what’s the problem?

Charlie I feel bad about leaving the team in the middle of the year.

Sophia Why don’t you talk to your team-mates about it?

Charlie I talked to them yesterday. They were really upset! They say they need me in the team.

Sophia Oh dear – I see your problem.

Charlie What can I do?

Sophia I don’t know. Sorry!


B Maisie Hi, Daniel.

Daniel Oh, hello Maisie. How are you?

Maisie Oh … OK, I suppose.

Daniel You don’t sound very happy!

Maisie Well, I’ve got this problem.

Daniel What is it?

Maisie My aunt gave me two tickets to a One Direction concert. It was for my birthday.

Daniel But you hate One Direction!

Maisie I know. That’s the problem! I don’t want to go to the concert.

Daniel My sister loves One Direction. You can give the tickets to her …

Maisie But what can I tell my aunt? Do you think I should tell the truth?

Daniel Hmm. No, I don’t. Just say you went to the concert and enjoyed it.

Maisie Really? Is that OK?

Daniel I think it is, yes. I mean, you don’t want your aunt to be upset, do you?

Maisie No. I guess you’re right, Daniel.


C Emma Hello, Luke. Can I ask you something?

Luke Yes, of course. What is it?

Emma Well, it’s about my science project. We have to hand it in tomorrow – and I only started it today!

Luke Oh dear. Why?

Emma Well, I was ill last week. Remember? And then I had a lot of other homework …I need more time!

Luke Talk to Mr Woods, then. Ask for more time.

Emma But my last project was late too. And Mr Woods was really cross with me! So I don’t want to ask for more time.

Luke You haven’t got a choice. You can’t finish it before tomorrow, can you?

Emma Well, if I look for something on the internet …

Luke Something to copy? No, I don’t think you should do that. Just talk to him – that’s my advice.

Emma I can’t. You don’t understand!

Luke What are you doing now?

Emma I’m looking for science projects on the internet.


D Alice Hi, George. How are things?

George Oh, hello Alice. Hmm. Not too good, really.

Alice Oh no. What’s the matter?

George  Well, I’ve got this problem with my Facebook page. I put a photo on it – it’s a photo of me on holiday.

Alice Yes. So what?

George  Well, a few people made comments. They weren’t very nice comments.

Alice Oh well. That happens sometimes.

George  I was really upset.

Alice You shouldn’t be upset. Just forget about it. People do things like that. It isn’t nice, but it happens. Don’t let it worry you.

George  Should I make a complaint to Facebook?

Alice No, I don’t think you should do that. But you should delete the comments. And maybe take the photo down too.

George  OK. I can do that now. Thanks for the advice. But I still feel bad.


Exercise 6

1 just don’t know

see your 

3 don’t sound

4 guess you’re 

5 ask you 

6 that’s my

7 this problem 

8 don’t think

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