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UNIT 1, Exam Skills Trainer 1, page 18-19

Exercise 1

1 b 


Exercise 2

1 DS 


3 T 

4 DS 

5 T 

6 T


Exercise 4

1 B 

2 C 

3 A 






1 Many students get very stressed about exams, but there are ways to beat that stress. The first thing you should do is to decide on a routine and a timetable for study and relaxation. When you’re working, don’t be tempted by computer games, or by checking emails and text messages. Look after your health: eat and sleep properly and get regular exercise. What you do after the exam is important too. Don’t get stressed about how well you’ve done. Walk out of the exam room, and move on.

Sam Hello, Amy. What’s up? You look sad. 

Amy Well, I am. My mum and dad have decided to move to Brighton. They’re going to open a gift shop there. 

Sam Brighton? I love Brighton. It’s got a fantastic beach, and loads of great shops and cafés. 

Amy Yeah, but I’ve always lived here, and I’ve got to go to a new school. I’m going to really miss you, and all my other friends.

Sam I’m going to miss you too, Amy, but Brighton isn’t far. We can visit you.

Amy Promise?

Sam Yes, of course. Don’t worry

3 Hello and welcome. Today, we’re talking about Sarah Powers, who recently won a million pounds on the lottery. Now, what do you think she did with all that money? Did she go on a fantastic holiday or buy a new house? No, she didn’t. Sarah gave ALL of the money away to charity. She said she didn’t need money – she was happy with her life. So what do you think about that? We want to know your views. Phone us on the usual number and tell us … (fade)

4 Lucy Hi, Ben. How was your family party?

Ben Oh, hi, Lucy. Well, it was OK, but …

Lucy What happened?

Ben Well, first of all, we were late. The car wouldn’t start, and my dad started getting really anxious. In the end we got a taxi.

Lucy That sounds OK.

Ben Yes, but then they played all this really old music at the party, from the eighties, and …

Lucy Don’t tell me – your mum and dad started dancing!

Ben Yes. I was so embarrassed.

Lucy I know what you mean. My parents do that too!

Ben It’s horrible, isn’t it?

5 Can’t afford a ticket for Reading Festival this year? We may have the solution. We’re looking for young people to come and help us organise one of the best festivals in Britain. There are lots of jobs available, including working on the food stalls, directing traffic in the car park, and picking up rubbish from the site. We pay competitive rates. And even better than that … you can see all your favourite bands for free! You must be over eighteen, and available on the last weekend in August.

6 Good morning, everyone! I hope you’re looking forward to the day ahead. I’m afraid the weather’s not going to be brilliant. The forecast is for rain and wind, so please make sure you’ve got your waterproof clothing with you. I recommend waterproof trousers as well as your jacket. Don’t forget you will also need to collect some water from the river. I hope you’ve got your notebooks and pens. There’s no need to bring your science project notes from last lesson. You can update those when we get back to school next week.


Exercise 6

1 to 

2 a 

3 do 

4 about 

5 than 

6 the 

7 at 

8 is

9 too 

10 for

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