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Unit 2 Adventur, 2C Listening, Adrenaline junkies, page 22

Exercise 1


2 c 

3 b 

4 a 

5 c


Exercise 3

1 ages 

2 didn’t enjoy 

3 amazing 

4 it isn’t cheap



I spent ages trying to find the right sport. I played team games like football and volleyball when I was a teenager, but I didn’t enjoy them. I prefer to be in control – so I like individual sports. When I was nineteen, I discovered wingsuit flying. It’s an amazing feeling, because it really is like being a bird: you can choose which way to fly. I love it! The only problem is, it isn’t cheap. For that reason, I can’t do it as often as I want to.


Exercise 4

Photo A: Speaker 2 

Photo B: Speaker 3

Photo C: Speaker 1



1 I started doing it about five years ago. At that time, I didn’t know what the word ‘creeking’ meant! But I was already a fan of kayaking and I suppose I was looking for a new challenge. The first time I saw it, I thought, hey, this doesn’t look possible! You can’t take a kayak down a waterfall! But actually, it doesn’t feel quite as bad when you’re doing it because you’re in control … most of the time. And now, I just love creeking. The adrenaline is amazing. I can’t go back to ordinary kayaking … never!

2 Free soloing is the most extreme form of climbing because it doesn’t use any equipment at all – no ropes, no safety gear, nothing. It’s just the climber and the cliff or mountain. I started doing it ten years ago, because I was looking for a physical challenge. It needs a lot more strength than ordinary climbing – you need strong fingers, hands and arms in particular. And of course, it’s dangerous sometimes, but I don’t think about that. For me, it’s all about testing myself, not about risking my life.

3 When I first told people I was into volcano boarding, people thought I was joking. That’s because most of them didn’t know anything at all about the sport. I didn’t know anything about it either, until I was in Nicaragua on holiday three years ago. I visited a volcano called Cerro Negro – the name just means ‘black hill’. It’s a young, active volcano – and the best place in the world for volcano boarding. So I decided to try it. It takes 45-minutes to walk up the volcano. Then just a few minutes to surf down it. It was amazing – really thrilling. But very hot!


Exercise 5

1 T  

2 F 

3 T  

4 F 


6 F

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