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Unit 3 On screen, 3A Vocabulary, Film and TV programmes, page 30

Exercise 1 

1 game show

2 documentary

3 romantic comedy

4 reality show

5 period drama

6 action film

7 chat show

8 thriller

war film

10 soap opera

11 sitcom


Exercise 2 

1 science fiction film

2 fantasy film

3 western 

4 horror film

5 musical

6 news bulletin 

7 animation

8 comedy


Exercise 3 

Only TV: game show; reality show; soap opera; sitcom; news bulletin

TV or film: documentary; romantic comedy; period drama; action film; thriller; war film; science fiction film; fantasy film; western; horror film; musical; animation


Exercise 4 

2 exciting

3 funny

4 gripping

5 confusing

6 convincing

7 embarrassing

8 imaginative

9 spectacular

10 unrealistic

11 scary

12 interesting

13 moving

14 violent

positive: exciting funny gripping convincing

imaginative spectacular interesting moving

negative: boring confusing embarrassing unrealistic scary violent


Exercise 5 

1 a

2 a



Anna Did you enjoy that film, David?

David Yes, I did. The characters are often a bit boring in action films, but in this one, I thought they were very interesting.

Anna I agree. And weren’t the special effects great? They were really spectacular.

David Yes, but rather unrealistic, I thought.

Anna But they often are, aren’t they? That’s why they’re special effects!

David And the soundtrack was very interesting.

Anna Yes, it was. It added to the suspense, didn’t it? Some of the scenes were very scary.

David Yes, and very violent. I couldn’t look sometimes.

Anna Yes, there was too much violence. But overall, it was great.

David Yes, it was.


Exercise 6 

1 interesting

2 interesting

3 spectacular

4 unrealistic

5 interesting

6 interesting

7 scary

8 violent

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