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Unit 3 On screen, 3C Listening, Advertising, page 32

Exercise 1 

1 C  

2 A  

3 D  

4 B

5 E 

6 F


Exercise 2


A b

B a

C b

D c


Exercise 3 

1 fast food

2 cosmetics

3 sports clothes

4 a car



1 Man Are you hungry? I could make some lunch.

Woman Starving. What have we got?

Man Er … we’ve got some bananas. And a packet of rice. And a tomato. Ooh – and some cheese, but it looks a bit old. How does that sound? Hey! Where are you going?

Woman Back soon! 

Narrator When you’re hungry – and you don’t fancy rice with bananas and cheese – there’s always another option.

Woman Two portions of chicken with fries, please. And a side order of garlic bread.

Server Certainly, madam. To eat here?

Woman No, take away.

Narrator  The Chicken Shack – for delicious American-style chicken. There’s one near you.


2 Colours that match your natural beauty. More than a hundred different shades. A style to match your outfit, whatever you’re wearing. Elegant and stylish. Natural products for eyes, lips and face. Just ask for Pour Elle – and you’re looking beautiful.


3 Narrator What matters in your life?

Man Being fit and healthy.

Woman Feeling good.

Boy Looking cool!

Narrator Whatever matters, make East Coast fashion a part of your life, whether you’re playing football with friends, running a race or just chilling. Life is a game. Play it well. Wear East Coast casuals. In department stores now.


4 Man Hi, Sarah. Can I give you a lift?

Woman Yes, thanks. Oh … is this new?

Man Yes. I got it yesterday!

Woman Nice!

Man It’s great to drive. I love it.

Woman Yes, really smooth and comfortable.

Man It’s a two litre engine. Six cylinders.

Woman Can I ask you something?

Man Yes, sure.

Woman Can I have a go at driving it?

Man Sure. Why not?

Narrator The new XK 44 – on the road from £19,995.


Exercise 4

race, elegant, engine, hungry


Exercise 5 

1 D  

2 C  

3 A  

4 B

5 E


Exercise 6

Dialogue 1: C  ​Dialogue 2: E  ​

Dialogue 3: A  ​Dialogue 4: B

The extra sentence: D



1 Man There’s a great film on tonight at the Picture House.

Woman Really? What kind of film?

Man It’s a comedy.

Woman I’m really tired. I think I need an evening at home.

Man Oh, come on. I don’t want to go by myself.

Woman Well, ask a friend.

Man But I want to go with you! We hardly every go out. I really think you should make more effort!

Woman I’m sorry – but I’m always so tired. I work hard, you know!

Man I know, but … come on. It’s Friday night!

Woman Oh, I don’t know. Can I think about it?

Man OK.


2 Man Did I tell you what happened to me when I was out with Molly?

Woman No, you didn’t.

Man It was really embarrassing – but it made us laugh afterwards.

Woman Go on, tell me!

Man Well, we were at the cinema. The film was starting when Molly stood up and whispered something about going to buy popcorn. So she went.

Woman And then what happened?

Man Well, a few moments later, she came back and sat down. I thought, “That was quick,” but I didn’t say anything. I  was really concentrating on the film.

Woman OK …

Man So I helped myself to some of the popcorn. She was holding a big box of it in her hand. And a woman’s voice said, “Hey! That’s mine!”

Woman Oh no!

Man Yes! I turned around … and it wasn’t Molly! It was another woman who was sitting in her place.

Woman How embarrassing!

Man I know. Then Molly got back and we had to explain to this woman, but she was already upset about the popcorn …

Woman That’s so funny!


3 Man What’s on next?

Woman There’s a talent show starting in five minutes.

Man No thanks! I really don’t like talent shows.

Woman Me neither. They’re so boring, aren’t they?

Man Yes. Terrible. What else is on?

Woman There’s a new sitcom on a bit later.

Man No, sitcoms aren’t my thing. They’re never really funny.

Woman I don’t think you’re right about sitcoms. Some of the American shows are really clever.

Man Clever? You’re joking. They’re all the same … and the laughter isn’t real, it’s all recorded.

Woman No, it isn’t. There’s usually a real audience.

Man I don’t think so. Not for most of the shows.

Woman Yes, there is. I saw a programme about it once …


4 Man Can I help you?

Woman Yes, I want to return this DVD.

Man Have you watched it?

Woman Yes, I have.

Man Well, I’m sorry. You can’t return it.

Woman But there’s a problem with it. It keeps jumping. And some of the scenes don’t play at all.

Man There’s nothing I can do. It’s our policy.

Woman It’s just not good enough. You sold me a DVD which doesn’t work. I don’t care what your policy is! Where’s the manager?

Man She’s in her office. Do you want me to call her?

Woman Yes, I do!

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