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Unit 3 On screen, 3G Speaking, Reaching an agreement, page 36

Exercise 1

Expressing likes and dislikes: 

1 I adore / I can’t stand;

5 I’m / I’m not a big fan of …; 

7 I’m / I’m not keen on …

Expressing a preference: 

3 I think … will be better / more fun, etc.; 

4 I’d rather / I’d prefer (to) … 

5 I quite fancy / I don’t really fancy …

Reaching an agreement: 

2 That’s agreed, then; 

6 OK, I agree; 

8 Let’s / Shall we settle on … 

9 That’s a great idea


Exercise 2

The student chose the second game, the driving game.



Student So, which video game shall we play? I adore puzzle games.

Teacher Really? I can’t stand them. I think they’re really boring. I’d prefer to play the driving game.

Student  Well, I’m not a big fan of driving games, but this one looks quite fun, I suppose.

Teacher Let’s settle on the driving game, then.

Student  OK. Where shall we play it? At my house or at yours?

Teacher You can come to my house if you like.

Student  I’d rather play it at my house. We’ve just bought a new TV. It’s really big!

Teacher OK, that’s agreed then. Shall we invite anyone else?

Student  Let’s ask Tom if he wants to play.

Teacher I think Tom is away this weekend with his parents.

Student  Oh, well, what about Sally, then?

Teacher Yes, that’s a great idea. I think she really likes driving games.


Exercise 3

Students should tick: 1, 2, 6

Unit 3 On screen3H Writing, An informal letter, page 37

Exercise 1

1 go for a bike ride 

2 go shopping

3 meet friends in town 

4 play basketball

5 have a coffee 

6 listen to music 

7 play table tennis


Exercise 2 

1 Why don’t we play table tennis?

2 Do you fancy having a coffee?

3 How about going for a bike ride?

4 Would you like to meet in town?


Exercise 3

1 Dear

2 are

3 now

4 soon

5 best


Exercise 4

scenes, length

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