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UNIT 3, Exam Skills Trainer 2, page 40-41

Exercise 1

I was born in Nottinghamshire and was the third of five sons. My father was not a rich man, but he was able to send me to Cambridge University, where I studied for three years. When I left college, I continued my studies and became a doctor. But I always wanted to travel, and so I made several voyages as a ship’s doctor. When I married my wife Mary, however, I planned to stay at home for a while. But after a few years I discovered I was not earning enough money from my patients. I decided to go to sea again, and this time I joined a ship sailing to the islands in the South Pacific Ocean. We started our journey from Bristol on May 4th, 1699.


Exercise 2

1 H 

2 A 

3 C 

4 D 


6 B 

7 G


Exercise 3



Exercise 4

1 C 

2 B 


4 E 

5 D



1 Hello and welcome to The Entertainer – the show that gives you all the best festival, film and sports news. I’d like to start by telling you about an exciting new project in Oxford. British film-makers are looking for young people aged 16-18 to work as extras in a crowd scene for a new film. You don’t need acting experience, but you do need to be available in August. More details at the end of the programme.

2 Can I have your attention please? Could all swimmers taking part in the under-fifteens swimming races please go to reception? We need to know you’re here, so please sign in with your coaches. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for coming. It’s going to be a great day!

3 Hello, and thank you for asking me to your school. I’m going to start by telling you how I became interested in film. I’ve always loved the cinema, and at first I thought I wanted to be an actor. Then I became more interested in what the actors were wearing. I loved historical films, but also science fiction – all those amazing alien costumes. I was good at art at school, and I knew that costume design was what I wanted to study when I left school.

4 This week’s topic is superheroes. It all began in the late 1930s, when Superman appeared as the first comic-book character with super powers. Many amazing characters followed, including Wonder Woman, who was the first female superhero. In the 1950s, television arrived, and superheroes became less popular. But then, in the 1960s, Batman appeared in a TV series – and everybody loved superheroes again! Today, superheroes are more popular than ever, with huge blockbusters like Iron Man and The Avengers.

5 DJ Sam is letting me talk for a moment on this great show. I’m Marty and I formed a rock band, ‘The Thunder’ last year with four other guys from Year 9. You’ve probably heard us on this show a couple of times and also heard us practising after school! We’re pretty loud! Unfortunately Harley, our drummer, moved to Scotland with his family, so now we’re looking for a replacement. Please email me if you play drums and you’re interested. DJ Sam will give the address later.


Exercise 5

1 B 

2 B 


4 C 


6 C 

7 B 

8 A 

9 B 

10 C


Exercise 7

1 beautiful scenery

2 Mark pulled me back, got too near edge of cliff

3 exciting, memorable

4 plan to go again soon

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  • andrey
    Это совсем не то, что у меня в книге долен быть текст про Gullover`s Travels, и 2 задания первое тестовое а второе аудирование. Исправьте пожалуйста ---> Можливо у вас інше видання, в якому замість Exam ... на сторінках 40-41 є інша тема, решта все однакове.
    8 грудня 2022 17:14