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Unit 4 Our planet, 4A Vocabulary Weather, page 42

Exercise 1

2 cloudy 

3 snowy 

4 frosty 

5 foggy 

6 icy

7 stormy 

8 windy 

9 sunny 

10 rainy


Exercise 2

2 cloud 

3 snow 

4 frost 

5 fog 

6 ice 

7 storm

8 wind 

9 sun 

10 rain


Exercise 3

1 thunderstorm 

2 storm clouds 

3 blow

4 raindrops 

5 flashes 

6 claps 

7 sunshine


Exercise 4

1 sweltering 

2 hot 

3 warm 

4 mild 

5 cool

6 cold 

7 freezing


Exercise 5

3 It’s minus fifteen.

4 It’s fourteen degrees (Celsius).

5 It’s minus seven.

6 It’s thirty-two degrees (Celsius).


Exercise 6

1 b sunny 

2 a fog

   b ice 

3 a cloudy

   b thundery

4 a frost

  b windy, snowy



1 Yesterday morning the weather was terrible. It started to rain just after breakfast and it only stopped at about one o’clock. But then the sun came out and we spent the afternoon sunbathing in the park.

2 When we drove to school this morning, it was really foggy. It was so thick that we could only see about 20 metres ahead. Not only that, the road was really icy and slippery because the temperature in the night was about minus ten degrees Celsius. The bus driver had to drive really slowly and carefully.

3 It was school sports day yesterday. Unfortunately the sky was quite cloudy for most of the day and the sun didn’t shine at all. It was quite mild and we heard some crashes of thunder, but luckily it didn’t rain.

4 I went to play football in the park with some friends on Sunday morning. It was a lovely clear day but it was freezing cold and very frosty. There wasn’t any snow but the grass was completely white! Then in the afternoon the weather changed. The wind started to blow and it snowed quite heavily. By the evening there was about 10 centimetres of snow on the ground.

Інші завдання дивись тут...