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Unit 5 Ambition, 5A Vocabulary Job, page52

Exercise 1

1 dentist 

2 programmer 

3 pilot 

4 farmer

5 hairdresser 

6 paramedic 

7 sports coach

8 receptionist 

9 engineer 

10 solicitor 

11 architect

12 travel agent 

13 cleaner 

14 waiter


Secret job: sales assistant


Exercise 2

1 travel a lot 

2 be on your feet 

3 serve customers

4 work alone / indoors / outdoors 

5 wear a uniform

6 deal with the public 

7 be part of a team

8 work nine-to-five 

9 work long hours

10 make phone calls 

11 answer the phone

12 work with children 

13 earn a lot 

14 use a computer


Exercise 3

2 badly paid 

3 creative 

4 repetitive 

5 rewarding

6 stressful 

7 tiring 

8 varied 

9 well paid

Positive: Negative:




well paid

badly paid,




Exercise 4

Job Adjective 1 Adjective 2
1 receptionist varied,  tiring
2 architect creative well-paid
3 programmer challenging rewarding




1 I work as a receptionist in a hotel. The job is OK. There are lots of different things I have to do, like deal with the public, check guests in and out, answer the phone, use a computer, and so on. So every day is different. The problem is, I have to work long hours, sometimes at night, so I’m absolutely exhausted when I go home.

2 I’m an architect. I finished college last year and this is my first job. I love designing houses, creating something beautiful for people. I love working in a team and the other people in the office are great. But we all work very long hours. Luckily, I get quite a lot of money so it’s worth it!

3 I’m a programmer. I work for a software company in London. I love my job. I often have to solve quite challenging problems, which is difficult and takes a lot of time, but I really enjoy it. I love the feeling at the end of the day when I have solved a really challenging problem.

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