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Unit 5 Ambition, 5C Listening, Changing jobs, page 54

Exercise 1

1 gardener 

2 estate agent 

3 surfing instructor

4 pizza delivery man / woman 

5 photographer

6 locksmith 

7 police officer 

8 stunt performer

9 video game developer 

10 builder 

11 journalist


Exercise 2

1 as I see it 

2 such as 

3 although 

4 in spite of this

5 that’s because 

6 What is more


Exercise 3


2 a 

3 b 


5 b


Exercise 4

a She went to college.



Host Today in our series about women in unusual jobs, I’m talking to Sally Stone. Hello, Sally.

Sally Hello.

Host So what made you get a job in transport?

Sally I wasn’t sure what to do when I left school, so I went to college and trained as a hairdresser. But I decided it wasn’t for me. It’s badly paid and I wanted something more challenging. So I left college without completing the course.

Host Were your parents disappointed?

Sally No, not at all! In fact, Dad said, why don’t you come and work with me? He has a transport company. And I thought, why not? It was the easiest thing to do, really.

Host You need a special licence to drive big lorries, don’t you? Was it difficult to pass the driving test?

Sally Lots of people fail, but I passed first time.

Host What was it like, when you drove for the first time on your own?

Sally It was a bit scary but I soon got used to it.

Host What do you like about the job?

Sally I love travelling around and seeing different places. I like being on my own for long periods of time. It’s much more rewarding than a nine-to-five job, I think.

Host How do men react when they see a woman behind the wheel?

Sally They often stare, especially when I’m sitting in a traffic jam. I think they can’t quite believe what they’re seeing.

Host Only one in 200 lorry drivers is a woman. Why aren’t there

more, do you think?

Sally I don’t know. But it’s a pity, because women are very good at it.

Host How do you mean?

Sally Well, you need to drive carefully and safely, and not too fast. You need to be patient and not get angry with other drivers. In my view women are usually better at all those things than men!

Host But male lorry drivers drive carefully and safely too.

Sally Of course they do. I’m not saying that male drivers are less safe, of course. It’s just that they aren’t any better than women at what they do.

Host Thank you, Sally, for talking to us today.


Exercise 5

1 F 

2 F 

3 T 


5 T 

6 F

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