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Unit 5 Ambition, 5D Grammar, First conditional, page 55

Exercise 1

1 b

2 c

3 d

4 f

5 a

6 e


a he’ll apply for a place at university.

b our teacher won’t be happy.

c if her new business starts doing well.

d if he wakes up early enough.

e my parents will give me a reward.

f she’ll get a part-time job.


Exercise 2 

1 don’t get,

   ’ll be 

2 aren’t,

   ’ll go 

3 won’t take,


4 won’t give,

  don’t show 

5 rings,

   will you answer

6 is,

  ’ll be 

7 will you do,

   don’t find 

8 buy,

   will close

9 ’ll find,


10 is,

   ’ll go



Exercise 3

1 ’ll fail 

2 ’ll see 

3 ’ll invite 

4 invites

5 ’ll sleep 

6 won’t do 

7 don’t do 

8 ’ll fail


Exercise 4

If I spend all my money, I’ll have to stay in on Friday night.

If I have to stay in, I won’t see Connor.

If I don’t see Connor, he won’t invite me to the barbecue.

If he doesn’t invite me to the barbecue, I won’t see his

sister again!

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