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Unit 5 Ambition, 5G Speaking, Choosing a job, page 58

Exercise 1

1 patient 

2 good at communicating 

3 physically fit

4 honest 

5 friendly 

6 enthusiastic 

7 flexible

8 reliable


Exercise 3




Examiner So, I understand you’re looking for a part-time job. Is that right?

Candidate Yes, that’s right.

Examiner Well, we have two jobs available at the moment. What do you think of this first one? They’re looking for a part-time waiter. Does that appeal to you?

Candidate Well, I quite like the idea of working in a busy café. But the hours aren’t quite right for me. I know it’s only four hours a day. However, it’s at the end of the day when I am already tired.

Examiner Oh, OK. You’re a morning person! Well, what about this other job: gardener.

Candidate I like the sound of that. I enjoy working outside, even though the weather is often bad. I find gardens very relaxing.

Examiner And what about the hours? Are you happy with those?

Candidate Yes, I am. Although the hours are quite long, they’re all at the weekend.

Examiner OK. So you’re choosing this job – the gardener.

Candidate That’s right. I’m sure a café is an interesting place to work. The money is slightly better too. Nevertheless, I’m sure the other job is right for me.


Exercise 4

1 However 

2 even though 

3 Although

4 Nevertheless


Unit 5 Ambition, 5H Writing, An application letter, page 59

Exercise 1


2 F 

3 C 



6 A


Exercise 2



3 c 

4 f 


6 e


Exercise 3

1 receptionist 

2 on a website 

3 languages

4 waiter 

5 friendly 

6 reliable

7 CV 

8 1 July

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