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Unit 5 Ambition, Exam Skills Trainer 3, page 62-63

Exercise 1

How do wildfires start?


Exercise 2

1 E 


3 C 

4 F


Exercise 3

1 an ordinal number 

2 a month 

3 a place / an adverb

4 a noun / an object 

5 a name 

6 a noun / an object

7 a (phone) number 

8 a place


Exercise 4

1 final 

2 March 

3 abroad 

4 universities

5 Mr Williams 

6 part-time job 

7 07890 655234

8 the school hall




Welcome to the new term, everyone. I hope you all had a really lovely summer holiday. This is your final year at Braxton School and this time next year many of you will be at university or starting a job. It’s an important year for lots of reasons. Next June, of course, there will be all the examinations, but before that, you have to make some big decisions. In March, if you want to continue studying, you will need to apply to college or university. If you decide not to go to university and you want to get a job, then your teachers will give you advice about where to look for work. Of course, there is another choice – you can take a year off studying and maybe travel or work abroad to get some experience and some money!

All this year we will be offering extra lessons which will give you some useful advice about universities and careers. The first session this term will be about looking after your money. Our financial expert, Mr Williams, will give a talk about banks next Monday. It will start at 4 o’clock. It doesn’t sound exciting, but it is very useful! Miss Parks will give her talk about applying for courses at university the following week. Then I shall give a talk about finding a part-time job, which is a good idea for some of you as it gives you some work experience. Employers and universities like that. Over the year, we’re inviting some people who have different sorts of jobs to talk to you all. If any of your parents have an interesting job and would like to talk about it with the students, please ask them to phone the school secretary on 07890 655 234.

So, I just have to say good luck with this year and tell you that next week’s talk about banks will be in the school hall. We hope to see lots of you there!


Exercise 5

1 not tall enough 

2 came up with 

3 is (really) keen to

4 didn’t eat many 

5 in spite of the


Exercise 6

1 expect 

2 Judging, say 

3 me, maybe 

4 probably


Exercise 8 




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