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Unit 6 Tourism, 6A Vocabulary, Worth a visit, page 64

Exercise 1

1 fountain 

2 aquarium 

3 market 

4 water park

5 harbour 

6 castle 

7 cathedral 

8 statue

9 ruins 

10 temple


Exercise 2

1 national park 

2 museum 

3 palace 

4 theme park

5 tower 

6 aquarium 

7 botanical gardens


Exercise 3

1 castle 

2 market 

3 temple 

4 harbour, evening



1 Woman I’d like to book an excursion.

Tourist information officer Of course. Do you know which one you’re interested in?

Woman Well, my husband and I both like history, so we thought maybe the castle … I imagine it’s quite atmospheric?

Tourist information officer Yes, it is. There’s also a night-time excursion to the Roman ruins.

Woman A night-time excursion? At night?

Tourist information officer Yes. The ruins are far more spectacular at night.

Woman No, no. I like to be in bed by 9 o’clock. The castle sounds much better.

2 Man Hi. I’m interested in booking an excursion for tomorrow.

Tourist information officer Certainly. What did you have in mind?

Man Well, the market looks beautiful. And I want to see the harbour too.

Tourist information officer Well, I suggest going to the market tomorrow.

Man Really? Why’s that?

Tourist information officer Tomorrow is Friday. The market isn’t as crowded on Fridays. At weekends, it’s really busy – too busy, in my opinion.

Man OK. Thanks for the advice. I’ll go to the market.

3 Woman Can I book an excursion, please?

Tourist information officer Yes, certainly. Which one are you thinking of?

Woman Well, I went to this temple twenty years ago. I’d really like to see it again.

Tourist information officer No problem. Twenty years ago, eh? It’s probably a bit different now.

Woman Really? In what way?

Tourist information officer All the temples are more touristy these days.

Woman Yes, yes. I suppose so.

Tourist information officer And the excursion is quite expensive, I’m afraid: £30.

Woman But I’d like to go there anyway.

4 Man Oh, hello. Can I ask about your excursion to the harbour?

Tourist information officer Yes, of course. What would you like to know?

Man Well, there’s a morning excursion and one in the evening. Which do you recommend?

Tourist information officer They’re both great. The evening excursion is much less busy.

Man I see.

Tourist information officer And it’s more romantic, in my opinion.

Man OK. I’ll go for the evening excursion.


Exercise 4 

1 a atmospheric 

  b spectacular 

2 a beautiful

  b crowded 

3 a touristy 

  b expensive 

4 a busy

  b romantic

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